The Band Perry Plotting Revenge for Blake Shelton’s Wet-Willie

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What!  More pranks!  This is why we love Blake Shelton, his silly personality. If you remember, Blake gave one member of the Band Perry his fair share of wet willies at the CMT Awards, and the whole band has decided they’re going to get him back.  Kimberly Perry and her brothers Reid and Neil joined Shelton’s tour and they’re readying themselves for a slew of ‘pestering’ pranks.  “It’s funny. Like, we’ve been out with pranksters on the road. Brad Paisley, he does these like big kind of big pranks,” Neil Perry tells CBS Radio, “but I think Blake is like the more pestering kind of artist.”


I’m anxious to see what mischief they will get into during their tour together.  It should be fun since they name of the tour is “Ten Times Crazier Tour 2014”.