Best. Party. Ever.

Best. Party. Ever.

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I saw this News Headline:  2,000 Teens Attend Massive #MansionParty and Cause $70,000 Worth of Damage.

For that complete story, visit This Link.

Now, my “party story” isn’t that crazy, but furniture was broken, a stop sign pulled out of the ground, and shaving cream sprayed around my parents house. Yes, I’m sure there are things I’m leaving out, and yes, my parents found out about the party. Tune in tonight to hear more. :)

Do you have a Best. House. Party. story? Or maybe you were at one (especially back in high school or college!) where something EPIC went down? Humiliating? Embarrassing? Let us know by calling Bradley’s show tonight at 785-297-9494 or leave a comment on Facebook. (link here)