Big Cash High Low (4/25)

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Are you ready to win some CA$H?!

Well, you can with the BIG CA$H High Low Game right here with the BIG 94.5 Country!

94.5 Country runs exciting contests all year, but all of us get excited when it’s time again to play BIG CA$H High Low. It’s as fun for us as it is for you.  We enjoy giving our listeners the chance to win cash!

Starting Monday, March 31, and every weekday through May 30, we will offer cash to those who can guess the jackpot amount from the provided cash range. The jackpot is always a 50-cent or whole-dollar amount. We play each weekday in the 7AM, 9AM, Noon, 2PM and 4PM hours. Just listen for the sounder inviting you to call in and guess the correct amount. Get it right, and we’ll give you that amount of money! Of course, the more you listen for incorrect guesses, the better your chance of guessing correctly and winning the Big Cash High Low Jackpot!

AND GUESS WHAT – It doesn’t stop there! Many times we are giving away a BONUS Stash of Cash! If you guess the correct jackpot amount you may or may not be asked the question: “What is the current Stash of Cash on” Visit to find this number! If you give us the correct Stash of Cash number you will ALSO win this Cash! Visit and check it daily – and before you play – because this number will be changing regularly!


Now remember… Individuals playing Big Cash High Low can only win once in a 30-day period (yes, we are playing for longer than 30 days!)  ALL cash claims are subject to verification and all Station Rules apply.

Have some fun listening for the guesses, while you make your strategic guesses, CALL and WIN with the BIG 94.5 Country Big Cash High Low Game – giving you the chance to win your share of $5,000.


Today’s BONUS STASH AMOUNT: $29.00