Communication With Kids

Communication With Kids

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With all the electronic devices out there communications with kids isn’t what it used to be. Between playing video games on the Nintendo DS or looking at videos on Mom or Dad’s phone, there are a lot of times kids and parents don’t talk. We really try not to make a habit of this at our house, so I will ask our boys questions and try to get them to go into detail about their day at school or camp or wherever it is they have been. Getting details from a six and eight year old boy is like pulling teeth, but I get a few tibbits here and there.  Enough to lead to the next question. I think women are just naturally detail oriented and we like to hear about everything when talking to someone.

Connor is our youngest and he recently got to hang out with me at work.  I kept him busy with learning printables, construction paper, paper clips, Rusty’s calendar (so sorry, Rusty), and yes, his DS.  He was getting a little bored when I decided to ask him some questions and I thought I would share them:

Q:  Favorite Color?
A:  Green


Q:  Favorite Food?
A:  Pizza


Q:  Why is the sky blue
A:  Because it knows it’s morning


Q:  What does Daddy do at work?
A:  Work


Q:  What do teachers do when they are out of school for the summer?
A:  Play


Q:  Who are your friends?
A:  Everyone


Q:  How do you plant tomatoes?
A:  Soil and Water


These are just a few of the questions I asked him, but maybe something to consider  when you look over at your child hunched over a game.  It’s fun to hear the silly answers they give.  If you have any ideas for questions to ask the older kids please add them on my facebook page.