Flashback! Stephanie Shares About Meeting Gary Allan

Flashback! Stephanie Shares About Meeting Gary Allan

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I got the opportunity to meet Gary Allan for the first time in 1997 when he performed at our birthday bash, back when we were 97 Country. He was very sincere and polite, but it wasn’t hard to impress me because I was already a fan of his music (and his blue jean and t-shirt look).

This was the beginning of his 17 year (so far) recording career and most of the songs on his albums were written by others in the business. It wasn’t until 2005, shortly after the suicide of his third wife, Angela, that he turned to writing to deal with his loss. His album, “Tough All Over” was certified gold, and Rhapsody (online music service) ranked the album number 7 on its “Country’s Best Albums of the Decade” list. It’s kind of a surprise to me that his first number one single as a songwriter was from his most recent album, “Set You Free”. His single, “Every Storm (Runs Out Of Rain)”, went to number one last year and was also up for a 2014 ACM nomination for song of the year, but got beat out by Lee Brice.

I am a fan and hope that Gary will have more number ones as a songwriter, but even if he doesn’t I’m sure I will still enjoy his music, written by him or not. I started thinking about him when I came across a song that he performed at our birthday bash. You are probably familiar with this particular song, but Gary has his own twist to it. Enjoy!


Photo Courtesy of Countryuniverse.net.