Headline Truth or Trash

Headline Truth or Trash

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1) Headline . . “NBC Decides to Show FOX Shows!”

Trash! No, seriously, that’s the name of the series they hope will be a hit: “Trash!”

2) Headline . . “Turkish Man Seeks New Lover on TV After Killing First Two!
Truth! A 62-year-old appeared on the Turkish TV Show “Luck of the Draw” in search of a new partner and shocked the audience by revealing he had murdered his former wife and a former lover! He was promptly asked to leave the show by the host, prompting applause from the studio audience.

3) Headline . . “Beyonce’s Sister to Fight Jay-Z on Pay Per View!”
Trash! If you saw the elevator footage, you know it’s free

4) Headline . . “90-Year-Old Gets 3 Years for Being Drug Mule!”
Truth! In Indiana, 90-year-old Leo Sharp will have to spend the next three years in federal prison after admitting he served as a cocaine courier for a Mexican drug cartel! Sharp, a decorated World War Two combat veteran, was also sentenced to three years supervised release in U.S. District Court in Detroit.