Makin’ Moves WOWs At The Capitol

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Makin’ Moves has a new program called Workin’ Out on Wednesdays, or WOW. Every Wednesday from 5 p.m. until 6 p.m. Chris Omni will be leading a work out on the Kansas Capitol steps on the South side.

WOW is a partnership with Kansas African American Affairs Commission and Wellness Information Network, also known as Makin’ Moves.

Omni wanted to offer the free workout to the people who work in downtown Topeka so they could get off work and work out before heading home. But, everyone is invited.

“We’ll be on the south steps of the Capitol every week between now and August 27th,” said Omni. “So every Wednesday come on out, friends, family, young ones, everybody, just come out and have a good time.”

Omni says the workout will include all types of workouts.

“You’re gonna get a little bit of kickboxing, some body toning, some yoga, some strength training and then we will add in some line dancing and then we’re gonna switch it up and do fitness line dancing,” said Omni.

Another workout called “wancing” is a featured work out in the program.

“We’re gonna introduce something called wancing,” said Omni. “So wancing is the combination of walking meets dancing and it’s never been done in Topeka.”

Many of the people who participate in Makin’ Moves love it especially because the group feels like a family.

“I like everything about it, I mean once you come you’re gonna come again. I came 2 years ago and what I like most about it is that she’s very encouraging she’s a motivator, nobody’s the same, everybody’s on a different level and we’re all like one big, happy family,” said Ciji Locust, one of the participants in the program.

Locust also leads some of the workouts and she does the low-impact version for those who need it. Locust and Omni both stress that everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate no matter where they are physically – they’ll work with you.

WOW will be held every Wednesday from 5 p.m. until 6 p.m on the South side of the Kansas Capitol building. Registration starts at 4:30.