Mud Boggers Event Raises Money For Local Family

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This event has been rescheduled for June 28th.

Make mud fly to help a family.

Marc Lee was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and his friend Larry Privat wanted to help by raising money for medical expenses with a Kansas Mud Boggers mudding event call Muddin’ For Marc Lee.

“It’s a mud run — for people that don’t understand, it’s trucks going through a 200 foot mud pit. Fast trucks, all trucks it doesn’t matter what you have,” said Privat.

Privat says he was already going to have the mud run, but wanted to help Lee out, and decided to give the family the proceeds from the event.

“It’s just a good family and it’s a good cause and this is what we need to do. This is what small towns and people rally together to do and help everybody out because this family would do the same thing for me or anybody else,” said Privat.

Privat says Lee has had to travel to Houston, Texas for treatments while not being able to work. Before being diagnosed, Lee worked for UPS.

“There’s just a lot of expenses and they are good people and this is the right thing to do,” said Privat. “We would like everyone else’s help and support to help these people out because they sure deserve this and nobody deserves to be hit with what they’ve been hit with.”

The benefit run is June 28th, with gates opening at 8 a.m. at 1653 E. 341 Street in Melvern, Kansas.

Privat says kids 10 and under are free but everyone else is only $10 at the gate. On top of that, there’ll be a Mini Mud Boggers at 12:30 p.m. The kids will be muddin’ in their battery powered cars.

“If you don’t have a Power Wheel and your kid wants to do it, we have enough, and somebody else will let them use their Power Wheel,” said Privat. “They are the future of the Mud Boggers.”

There are cash prizes for the winners in each class, as well as trophies for the kids who participate in the Mini Mud Boggers event.

For more information visit and search for the June 14th event in Melvern, KS. There’s also a Facebook event where more information is available.