My Family Meal Planner

My Family Meal Planner

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I am someone who doesn’t put a lot of planning into my meals. I’ve always believed “the easier the better” when it came to cooking. That is, until I had the chance to do a radio interview with Lindsay Siebert. She told me about My Family Meal Planner, an idea that came to her in 2006 in the form of a Christmas gift! See Lindsay’s story on her website. Well, after talking to Lindsay about “My Family Meal Planner” and my cooking skills, she sent me a meal planner called “My Family Meal Planner for 2” and since using it,  I think my cooking skills have improved.

Here are some meals I’ve cooked:

  • Baked Spaghetti
  • Cavatini
  • Chicken Lasagna
  • Corn Bread Casserole (which was Mom approved)

Check out HER WEBSITE. You might find the Meal Planners can help you out with meals in your fast paced life.

Thanks to Lindsay Siebert and Family Meal Planner. Now I have a better variety of meals in my life.