Parents, Need Some Dinner Ideas?

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I think all Moms (Dads, too) need a little extra time in their day. It seems we have way too much going on these days with school activities, sports, helping our kids with homework, and all the errands we have to do!

One of our favorite country cuties, Sara Evans, has teamed up with Hidden Valley Original Ranch to help make dinnertime a little easier. It’s a limited edition “Twist On Tonight” activity box that will offer a chance for kids to get involved with meal preparation. Each kit, which Sara designed with the help of her children, contain supplies for crafts that kids can do on their own or as a family, like designing an apron and a recipe box. There are recipes families can make in minutes, as well as ideas and tips to make exploring new foods fun for kids of all ages. Sara also assembled a playlist that’s included as the “soundtrack for suppertime.”


“We’re so thrilled about these activity boxes with Sara Evans and Surprise Ride that we want them to also have an impact outside the individual families who buy them,” Julia Ponce, Hidden Valley brand manager, said. “So, we’re donating $50,000 and an additional $30 for every box sold to After-School All-Stars, a nonprofit that provides comprehensive after-school programs dedicated to helping kids succeed in school and life.”

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