Rusty’s Random Rambles: Let’s Walk!

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May 15, 2014

You gotta agree; Topeka is about the walking-est city in the world. Not that we walk everywhere like some communities, but because we have so many “Walks”! It seems like every group, club, and cause has a “walk”. And why does everybody have them? Cause they are FUN!!

Getting together with folks and walking is just a natural thing to do. Of course, walking and talking go together and before you know it… you’ve got a new friend! And although it seems like everybody has a “walk”, not all “walks” are the same. That’s one of the wonderful things about these events. You can do one every weekend and it will be a little different from the last one.

This Saturday, we are having our 2nd Annual “Walk for Hope” to benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital at Gage Park. Like most “walks” it is about 5 kilometers. Also like most “walks” when you donate to the cause, you get a cool t-shirt. We think our t-shirts are extra cool because they were designed by the talented kids from the Prairie Band Potawatomie Band Boys and Girls Club! Unlike most “walks”, our walk is dog friendly! Yes, your pooch is welcome to join you on the walk when you donate an extra $5. (Of course they need to be on a leash with you on the other end of the leash). Our “walk” includes a hot dog lunch, bounce house fun and ICE CREAM!! We’ll also have raffle for prizes and if you thought it couldn’t get any more fun… Shorty the Wonder Horse will be there with the debut of his new coloring pages!! (There is a chance you could get some Magical Pasture Puffs from Shorty the Wonder Horse that are great for the garden!)

We sure hope you join us this Saturday for the “Walk for Hope”. There are a bunch of folks who have worked real hard to organize this and we’d hate for you to miss out. Below is a link with more information and where you can pre-register. Or, just show up! We’ll be at Gage Park’s Amphitheater with registration starting at 10am. The walk should start at 11am. My friend Lindsay and I walked the course with our dogs last Friday and it took us about an hour. (Our dogs are little dogs and their legs aren’t very long).