Rusty’s Random Rambles: Male Strippers

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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Cue the eye roll… cause that’s what I usually get when I talk about going to see male strippers. Why the eye roll? Because I insist “It’s not about the men.” Oh sure, male strippers are in great shape. Their bodies are sculpted. Their muscles are usually bigger than the average guy and those male strippers have a way of moving to the music that can even make a woman north of 40 squeal. But the real fun is the whole experience with your girlfriends.

Seriously!! I start to grin just thinking about it!

Ask most any woman who has been to a “Male Revue” with a bunch of her friends. It’s about getting together with your favorite girlfriends so you can join other ladies and their friends to watch what is little “taboo”, but not really. Oh sure, there will be some women who might get out of hand and make fools of themselves, but the rest of us will just grin and nod, “Yep, she hasn’t been out of the house in a while…” We’ve all been there.

Guys, I can only speak for myself, but I don’t watch those male dancers and think “I wish… (fill in the blank).” I don’t wish my husband looked like them, acted like them, danced like them – or anything else. In fact, last year when I went to see male dancers here in Topeka, I mostly thought “I’m old enough to be their… older sister.” “OMGoodness, I love this music!!” “Look at those girls having so much fun!” “Am I in your way? Here, get in front of me, you’ve got to see this one!” “Oh NO, did that guy just do the splits? I don’t think the floor is clean enough for that!”

However, I do realize watching men dance around in some little costume isn’t for everyone. I have a couple of friends who say they think the whole thing is kinda gross. I can see their point. But to the women who have never been to a male revue, get ready to embrace your womanhood with other ladies doing the same thing. We all got to let our “Oprah out” every once in a while.