Rusty’s Random Rambles: Skinny Jeans

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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I’m a Wrangler jean girl. I love the fit of the old school Wranglers that have a touch of lycra (spandex) so they stretch a little in the places I need them to. Yes, these type jeans are a bit high waisted and some (my daughter) might classify them as “mom jeans”.  I say “Yeah, what’s your point?”  Hey if the denim fits, WEAR IT… right? Besides, since I am a MOM, couldn’t any pair of jeans I wear be called ‘MOM JEANS”

With high waisted jeans I can bend over and NOT expose the fact that I don’t wear a thong. My muffin top doesn’t turn into a sheet cake with these jeans. And I can wear my favorite piece of jewelry, a bling belt buckle.

But am I keeping up with the fashion trends? Probably not. It seems like skinny jeans are still being pushed as being the have-to-have in denim. However, unless I’m missing something, how can a jean be a skinny jean if your body is NOT skinny? Yes, I have tried them on at the stores and guess what! My thighs are still the size. “Uh excuse me sales lady, these pants are defective… they did not make me skinny.”

So, I will stick with my ol’ favorite, reliable Wranglers. I might be a “fashion don’t” but I don’t have to waste an afternoon trying on dozens of jeans that someone else has decided that is  what I should be wearing only to leave empty handed and with a damaged self image.

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