There’s A Carnival At The KICKER Country Stampede

There’s A Carnival At The KICKER Country Stampede

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For the first year since the KICKER Country Stampede began 19 years ago, there will be a carnival inside the grounds for festival-goers to enjoy.

David Lewellen, owner of the carnival, says the Stampede is aiming to be more family oriented than in years past.

“You know, a lot of people, and I don’t know what else to say other than that a lot of people think it’s just a drunk-fest, [and] it is for a lot of people they come out and do a lot of drinking, partying and things, but there are a lot of families that come here and unless the concert’s going on or something specific they want to see, some people don’t have anything else to do,” said Lewellen.

The carnival should be up and running by 7 p.m. Thursday night. Lewellen says they hoped to have had it open sooner, but construction was delayed because they had to move the carnival after it was in the process of being constructed.

“We had to move from where we were, because of the tobacco sales, and they’re promoting tobacco and they didn’t want that to be in a certain [distance from the carnival], I guess it’s a law,” said Lewellen.

All rides are one ticket each and each ticket costs $3. There are kids rides and adult rides, games and carnival food.

“Tickets are good any time, they can use them any day or any future event because the tickets are good forever,” said Lewellen.

Lewellen says they don’t have a set schedule. They plan to stay open as late as they need to.

“Once the concerts are over, we’re still going to be open,” said Lewellen. “Just because the event is over inside the gate, doesn’t mean that we won’t still be here.”

The carnival is located on the East side of the Stampede grounds, you can’t miss it.