Top Five Carrie Underwood Music Videos

Top Five Carrie Underwood Music Videos

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When it comes to music videos, Carrie Underwood rarely disappoints. Well, let’s face it…she rarely disappoints in anything she does!

Her videos do exactly what music videos are supposed to do: tell a story, make you feel something, and entertain. Since winning “American Idol” in 2005, Underwood has released more than 15 fantastic music videos. It’s no wonder she’s won more CMT Music Awards than any other artist in the format!

As the anticipation for new music from the superstar builds, we’re counting down our top five Carrie Underwood videos.

5. “Mama’s Song”

Although Underwood is normally a very private person, she gave fans a pretty intimate glimpse into her life with the “Mama’s Song” music video. The clip, which premiered just after she wed Mike Fisher in 2010, showcases her relationship with her mom, Carole. Not only does her mom appear in the video, Fisher makes a cameo as well. This is a song that many women and their moms can relate to, and Underwood and director Shaun Silva did a wonderful job of bringing the story to life.


4. “See You Again”

The “See You Again” music video, which took home the title of Music Video of the Year at the 2014 CMT Music Awards, tells the story of reuniting with loved ones. Instead of focusing on one story line, Underwood and director Eric Welsh took a different approach. “We didn’t want it to be one specific story,” Carrie said. “Those are always the best songs, the best movies, the best things when people kind of fill in the gaps themselves, and it can mean something different to each person that hears it.”


3. “Two Black Cadillacs”

Underwood turned heads with the release of her “Two Black Cadillacs” music video in 2013. The chilling clip was inspired by Stephen King’s novel Christine, which tells the story of a car with a mind of its own. The video leaves fans wondering…who is the killer? Is Carrie’s character real? Was she driving the car? It’s up for the viewer to interpret and that makes it all the more interesting.
Fun fact: Before moving forward with the concept for the video, Underwood actually got King’s blessing on the idea.


2. “Blown Away”

Only one word can describe the “Blown Away” music video…EPIC. This Wizard Of Oz inspired music video, which was directed by Randee St. Nicholas, is one of Underwood’s best. The drama-filled clip pairs perfectly with the song, and is almost like a mini-movie. “It was all about having subtle references,” she said of the Wizard Of Oz theme. “I’ve got the plaid shirt on, I’ve got red shoes. They’re not like sparkly red heels, but it’s all about bringing that into this year, into this album, into ‘Blown Away.’”


1. “Before He Cheats”

It would be impossible to count down Underwood’s greatest videos without including “Before He Cheats.” This iconic music video helped the Oklahoma native introduce fans to her sassy side. The image of Carrie bashing that truck with the baseball bat is one we’ll never forget.


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