Topeka PRCA Rodeo 2014


The Big 94.5 Country’s Topeka PRCA Rodeo is coming to town August 22nd & 23rd! Presented by Hollywood Casino!

All the thrills, all the breathtaking action… all the hard hitting, up close, in-your-face excitement, jam-packed into two nights only!!

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Gambling Problem? Getting help is your best bet. 800-522-4700.

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The BIG 94.5 Country is giving you the chance to win $10,000 Dollars! When you hear… THE HORSESHOE SOUNDER… call 785.297.9494 and be the correct caller to win your lucky $10,000 Dollar Golden Horseshoe! This horseshoe will put you in the running for a chance of $10,000 Dollars and a Pair of Tickets to the PRCA on Saturday night (August 23rd!) The night of the 23rd one (1) grand finalist contestants will get one opportunity to toss the “official” golden horseshoe at the PRCA Rodeo! The winner’s horseshoe must be declared a ringer in order to win the $10,000 Dollars! All station & contest rules apply! (See below)


CONTEST DETAILS: One (1) grand finalist contestants will get one opportunity to toss the “official” golden horseshoe which will be a maximum size of 7.25” x 7.625” with a weight at or between 2lbs, 4oz. and 2lbs, 10oz. and distance between heel calks of 3.35” . Grand Finalist contestant must successfully toss “official” golden horseshoe a distance of 47 feet and successfully have the heel calks pass the designated stake which is known as a “ringer*” as defined by the National Horseshoe Pitchers Association will be determined as the official winner of $10,000. *(Ringer – A ringer is a shoe that comes to rest while encircling the stake. A straightedge touching either the points or any part of the heel calks of the shoe must clear (not touch) the stake in order to be declared a ringer. A ringer has a value of three (3) points. (See page 10, RULE 3, Section B, 2.a) )


  • Contestants must be 21 years of age or older.
  • Contestants agree to allow WIBW radio to use their name, voice and likeness in any advertising, broadcast and internet display.
  • Grand Finalist’s toss will be videotaped by WIBW staff for SCA review.
  • Grand prize winner will be paid by SAC Promotions as contracted by WIBW Radio.
  • No practicing on Friday or Saturday at event.
  • Rules can be subject to change with out notice
  • Station Rules also apply