Tyler Farr Releases ‘A Guy Walks Into A Bar’ Music Video

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Tyler Farr is back at country radio with “A Guy Walks Into A Bar.” Written by Melissa Peirce, Jonathan Singleton, and Brad Tursi, “A Guy Walks into a Bar” is the lead single from Farr’s forthcoming sophomore album.

“I’ve heard a couple of times, you know, people said, ‘So, a guy walks into a bar…no, this is not a joke, here’s the song by Tyler Farr.’ That’s the old, ongoing joke, but I didn’t know what to expect when I heard the song,” Farr admits. “I actually didn’t hear the title before I heard the song. I was in a bar, and I did walk into it (laughs), and Jonathan Singleton, one of the writers on the song, was doing a writers’ round playin’ it. And he just goes into the first verse and hits the chorus, and after the first chorus I was already sold. And I was like, ‘What a well-crafted song.’ It was one of those that I’d say, you know, ‘God, I wish I wrote that.’ And it’s hands down, by far my favorite single I’ve ever recorded.”

Along with the new single, Farr recently released the music video to accompany the song. Check it out above.

Via:: Country Music Is Love