Who is Tyler Farr calling a liar?

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Would someone please pinch Tyler Farr and tell him that this is for real? He’s been Redneck Crazy, mixed it up with Whisky In My Water, and been that clumsy cowboy in Guy Walks Into A Bar….all getting more and more … Read More

Restore Memorial Day?

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Until 1968, Memorial Day was recognized on May 30th. Then Congress passed  a law making it the last Monday in May to create a three day weekend. Since then, many veterans and their supporters say that Americans have lost sight … Read More

Not ashamed to be a momma’s boy!

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Having been called a “momma’s boy” most of my life (like it was a bad thing) and proud of it, I feel it’s ok to say the same about Thomas Rhett. Listen as he talks about how  great an influence … Read More

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